I have never seen another artist achieve what they did in such a short amount of time - amazing work.
— Tamara Lee, Artistic Director, Fairfax Festival 2015

Christy and Luke are experienced trainers, facilitators & directors in Circus, Physical Theatre, Devising and Ensemble work with over 20 years of experience between them.

They have been involved in numerous community projects through Westside Circus, The Womens Circus, Hip Cat Circus, the Fairfax Festival and other community organisations as well as independent projects over the last 13 years. These projects have ranged from a project at Swifts Creek where they worked with 20 year 8 students over 4 days to create a 40 minute circus performance which the young people performed for their families and local community, to an Arts Victoria extended residency in 2014 at Truganina South Primary School where they created an hour long performance with 160 primary school students. They have also delivered numerous professional development workshops to artists and teachers around Victoria.


We can offer a range of workshops for adults and children including:

- ‘One off’ circus skills workshops for primary and secondary school groups

- Longer residency style workshops delivered over a term or longer

- Teambuilding

- School holiday workshops

- Festival style drop in workshops for events

- Professional development for teachers and artists

- Bespoke workshops. Let us know what you are after and we’ll see what we can do!


Specialist workshops in:

Devising: From the physical through play... from Short Acts (Circus) to Full Scale Shows.

Ensemble Work: Luke has worked extensively with internationally renowned teacher and director John Britton.

For more info on Johns work and his company Duende visit http://duende-ensemble.com/

Improvisation: Solo, Duo and Group improvisation. In these workshops students start to develop their own language for performance focusing on the their personal joy as a performer, director and audience. Anything goes, voice, movement, narrative, abstraction... Great training, not only for improvisation but for all areas of stage work.

Circus Skills: Skills include Acrobalance, Tumbling, Tightwire, Slackrope, Rola Bola, Stilt Acrobatics, Hula Hoop and German Wheel.

New to performance? Christy and Luke are great at working with groups that have never performed before. They have often worked with groups that find it difficult to connect with mainstream schooling. They enjoy that everyone has a story to tell, whether that be a past experience, an opinion, a false and fantastic creation or the gift of their physical presence onstage performing something striking, odd, beautiful or extraordinary.

We had a great time. I enjoyed doing the acrobalance. It made me feel like I could trust others.
— Karli (Year 8)
It was amazing. It felt like we were in a circus. I learnt that circus tricks can be be really simple and that trusting people can be easy once you get to know them
— Mark (Year 8)
Christy and Luke were a joy to work with. They quickly established a wonderful rapport with the students and were consequently able to elicit an amazing performance as an end result. Perhaps more importantly the team work skills and trust that was established amongst the group during the workshops has improved the student’s self esteem and general confidence. I would highly recommend their workshops and would be thrilled to work with them both again in the future.
— Fiona Smee: Teacher, Barham High

Clowning Around at ArtPlay!

If you’ve been at ArtPlay recently, maybe you’ve caught sight of a few red noses lying around the place, because ArtPlay has suddenly become full of young actors with a thrill for clowning and making the audience laugh out loud!

I love acting funny and clowning, so I decided to catch a glimpse of the new workshop myself. What I really loved, though, was that the two clown instructors running the workshop were the very same people that had started KAPOW! It was great to see them again, and I thought this workshop also had a little bit of sneaky Behind the Scenes included.

They took us through heaps of fun activities, but probably one of my favourites was trying to get across the stage without anybody seeing you, which is of course impossible. but it was hilarious seeing how some of the kids did it. One very determined clown hid behind three big wooden blocks and began shuffling along the stage. We could all see him, but it was very funny seeing his eyes look up from behind the blocks and then the blocks seeming to move by themselves. I satisfied myself by putting a bin on my head and creeping over the stage, while constantly bashing into things.

The workshop was fantastic, and the sense of humour made us cry with laughter. It was a great day at ArtPlay, as usual!
— Orla (9), ARTISCALL