interwoven stories, frayed memories

Thank you for bringing your amazing story to our theatre. People haven’t stopped talking about it. Many who missed it are kicking themselves. I say kick a little harder.
— Andrew Beale: Red Rock Regional Theatre and Art Gallery

StringThing is theatre built from contemporary circus, movement and intensive biographical research. 

Performed solo by Christy Flaws, she explores the stories of her family that are bound by rope, wool, lace, twine and sinew. Using snippets of text, circus arts and a whole lot of rope the piece asks questions about migration, storytelling and death.

From the Shetland Islands to New Zealand to a dark and tangled Melbourne theatre, String Thing tells the history that destroyed her grandparents’ generation and the heartbreaking loyalties and personal resilience that remain.

StringThing is physical theatre as memoir, memoir as an act of survival.

It’s a truly rare and beautiful thing to see physical theatre with such a prominent and entirely accessible and strong narrative.

Christy delivers the folklore of her family with great humour, and a captivating physical presence. Christy proves herself equally artful as a storyteller and a circus performer.

The audience were with Christy for every second of this delightful journey through yarns of her family and collectively held their breath for each trick.

Our audience gave the show rave reviews and their oohs, aahs, ready laughs, and nods of recognition throughout are testament that Christy has nailed it with String Thing.
— Karen Patterson, COPACC


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Supported by the City of Melbourne through the Arts Grants Program

Supported by the City of Melbourne through the Arts Grants Program