A SUPER self propelled adventure

‘combining the heart-warming with the ridiculous... KAPOW! is a captivating piece of theatre... ‘
— Marisa Cesario, Kingston Arts Centre

An irreverent, comical and human look at the desire to be a superhero in the suburbs.

Meet Scout: she does mad tricks on her bunk beds - in fact, if bunk beds were an Olympic sport, she’d be going to the Olympics! In KAPOW! Scout and her best friends Natalie and Terry take the audience on a backyard adventure. Join them as they train to become superheroes and confront their biggest fears.

KAPOW! explores the super power of the imagination and the possibility that our imaginary worlds can lead to real adventure, bravery and a bigger life.

Highly visual, full of skillful acrobatics and set to a spectacular soundtrack KAPOW! asks some seriously heroic questions: why do we imagine and desire to be superhuman? What are our secret unnoticed abilities? Can you be afraid and still save the day?

“Asking For Trouble always manage to very gently tap into childhood emotions, in this instance the desire to ‘be good’ and the apprehension of venturing far from home. This is done ever so lightly but gives the performance an extra layer that is so often missing in children’s theatre.”
— Caitlin Crowley, Chortle


The young ones giggled and squirmed with delight from beginning to end. Actually most of their parents were giggling and squirming too. Recommended without reservation
— Ian Pidd- AD, The Village
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